Extremely friendly and accommodating. Was able to arrange overnight care for my mother in very short time. Aides were great. Helpful and insightful Would recommend to anyone needing care for an aging parent

Dan B.

For nearly three years we used Help in Home to assist with Dad's care. It began while Dad was still living in his own house and their service made it possible for him to remain there much longer than he could have otherwise. A caregiver, Louise, would visit him usually three times a week, do laundry and light housekeeping and then take him out to do shopping or something he enjoyed. They would make dinner and eat together, all the while telling stories and enjoying each others company. Dad looked forward to the days that Louise would come. She became an important part of all of our lives and truly a friend to Dad.

Eventually, Dad needed to move to an assisted living facility. We asked Louise to continue her visits for the sake of the outings and especially the companionship. On many occasions things needed to be taken care of, things that ordinarily a family member would do but was unable to. Louise would take Dad to medical appointments and even handle aspects of his day to day business. She always kept us well informed, she handled things very competently and we trusted her completely.

Everything about Help in Home and the service that Steve and Louise gave Dad was superior. They are thoroughly professional, trustworthy, and caring people. We felt so fortunate to have found them and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for this kind of care.


I am a current client of this provider

My mom, who needs 24/7 care, had been in the hospital for some time. When we brought her home, we hired a service provider that we were unhappy with. We had a family member who came and stayed with Mom for an extended period of time, so were able to use my sibling full time versus the other provider. But when my sibling needed to get back to her own life, we started looking around for a new provider. Steve and Help In Home was barely new to the area and had just started his business after having gone through similar situations with his own parents. We had gotten his name from a retirement community where my mother lived. We contacted him as well as other in-home care providers, but we were really impressed with Steve and his personal touch. We recognized that he built this out of a labor of love because he had been though this experience with his parents. He knew that not only did he need to make our mother comfortable, confident, and make sure their taken care of, he also knew that her kids needed a little caregiving as well. It was just a great fit. We've been more than pleased with the folks that he has on staff, and his approach to in-home care. Mom has 24/7 care and has 3 individuals that are her staff. They come in for 24 hour periods; two who come in three days a week, 24-hour shifts, and one who covers on Saturdays. It's a really great approach because they really get to know Mom and they work well together as a team. I don't think we could be any happier to be honest. it's been great.


I chose them after speaking to the owner. He called me back right away and we spoke on the phone. He was actually the only person that called me back after I had reached out to them. Their care we're phenomenal. They were amazing. The owner was very invested and helped me through the entire process that I was going through. I was getting an elderly woman out of a nursing home and putting her back into her home, which was the reason why I needed his service which was a 24 hour care service. He helped me through the entire thing when I didn't know what I was doing. Their attention to detail in individual support was amazing. The caregivers that we had were amazing. There were several of them, because it was 24 hours so they took shifts. They were kind and compassionate and just amazing people; really kind, loving skilled, everything all combined. They were everything that you would want. It was 24-hour care so it was everything, bathing, toileting, dressing, companion, cooking, and cleaning. Our family friend was comfortable with the caregivers. She loved them and they had an excellent relationship. They had a passion for taking care of the elderly, which I think was something special.


"Help In Home" was my mother's primary caretaker until she went to the hospital for the last time this year. Though run as a small personal service company, they were always willing and able to accommodate her frequently changing schedule. Competent and dependable, the women all became mom's closest friends. I recommend "Help In Home."


Several years ago when searching for assistance for my mother, our family was very fortunate to find Help in Home. This company has enabled my elderly mother to stay in her own home. Both management and hands-on staff have been unfailingly helpful and professional. As my mother's needs have increased, Help in Home has worked with us to adjust my mother's care program to meet those needs. The health aides who have come to my mother's home have provided companionship, hands-on help with bathing, dressing, meals and much more. I have found all these aides to be compassionate and efficient and my Mom has greatly benefited from their wonderful care. If you are looking for assistance for yourself, parent or someone else, I highly recommend giving Help in Home a call!


We have had Help in Home almost around the clock for the past year and a half. I couldn't be more pleased with the service provided to my aunt. The staff is very caring which allows me such peace of mind. Realizing my aunt is so well-cared for each day by people who go out of their way to be sure she is happy and thriving.
Steve, the owner and organizer of the workforce, is a gem. He is always so flexible and understanding, always attentive to the needs to the client. This is the service I would hope to have in the event that I needed it.


It has been almost 2 years since I met Steve Boyd and the caretakers from Help in Home . My husband had Alzheimer's and had been hospitalized to adjust his medications . Things were not working well and I wanted to bring him home .
I contacted Steve on a recommendation of a relative who had a neighbor that was cared for through Steve Boyd and Help in Home..
My husbands health changed and he became a patient at the Hospice House in Haverhill , Ma. Eventually my husband came home and with the caretakers and myself we were able to care for him at home .
Steve Boyd came to meet with myself and my husband before matching us with caretakers. It is important to Steve that the family of the person needing care matches well with the caretakers. If there is any discomfort Steve will change the caretaker.
Having a good match is important to Steve. He will also drop by frequently and call to make sure things are going smoothly.
It is also important to Steve to have a team that works well together and that is good with the person in need of care.
Help in Home made everything work well.
We had several caretakers who were with us through the 8 months. It is a comfort to know that you have people you can trust and are compassionate . Steve is in touch with the families and that makes a big difference. As one of the caretakers ..would say when my husband would get anxious ..Its okay Jim "it's all good"" Help in Home made it "all good "!!"


Help In Home assisted with daily care (7 days a week for about 3 years) for my mother. Their excellent care enabled my mom to stay home through her final days. Help In Home was always reliable and provided superior and compassionate care.

Help In Home was very flexible in providing extra care when needed. I would highly recommend their services and entrust them with your loved ones!


Help in Home is an outstanding senior care agency. Because it is a family-owned enterprise rather than a large corporation, you receive incredibly compassionate, patient and personalized service from owner Steve Boyd. He does the initial intake and personally matches a team of caregivers to meet your family member's needs. Caregivers are consistent, well-trained and experienced. Steve and his team bent over backwards to meet my father's 24-hour care needs on short notice. Steve was in daily contact with me. I cannot recommend Help in Home more highly!

Karen A.

I used Help in Home for 7 years to care for my mother in her own home. All of the aides were very professional and caring with her, she developed a trusting relationship with each of them. The Aides helped her dress, get her meals, made sure medication was taken timely, ensured she performed her physical therapy routine. Overall I could not ask for a better team to work with.

Francis C.

I made some very specific requests of Help in Home in the care for my aunt and the owner Steve responded to them personally and pulled through every time. I wish everyone in the industry was as reputable and easy to work with. My Aunt really enjoyed the company of her aids. I strongly recommend Help in Home 's superior service.

L Touitou

We were really happy with our choice to hire Help-in-Home for my Mom. These decisions are excruciating, but after Steve spent a good part of his afternoon answering questions and offering perspectives, we were confident that we had our choice made. Our aide Christine was wonderful and even managed to bond with my very resistant Mom! You really need to consider them for the care of your loved one.

R. Cormier